What are they?

All of our groups look to have a healthy rhythm of UP: Relationship with God, IN: Personal Growth through community and OUT: Actively engaging with the lost. They are more than just a meeting as we seek to live life together and build genuine relationships with those who are not yet part of the church family.

Some of our groups are based around a specific mission focus and seek to impact those from that place, people group or passion. Other groups are there to equip and encourage each other to be salt and light wherever they find themselves be it at work or at play. Whichever suits you, it will involve loving God, loving each other, learning to be like Jesus and loving the lost and the broken.

Talk about our Community Groups

Russell White: Community - The Big Picture on Small Groups

Called to lead?

If God has put a vision in your heart and you are interested in exploring the idea of what it means to lead a community group within Citygate then we’d love to take some time to explore that with you. Contact rwhite@citygatechurch.net

Get involved!

Groups meet at different times and different places depending on their vision. To find out more check them out on the maps below and seek to be a part of something small that will make a big difference in your life and the lives of those around you.

Use the buttons under each group to start a conversation with them or get in touch with the Citygate office:
office@citygatechurch.net or 01202 299628

The Groups

Our groups all aim to be community to each other, but each goes about it slightly differently. Broadly speaking the groups can be broken into two camps, those similar to the 'home groups' found in many churches and those with a very specific vision.

Have a look below to see where you might find your place in the Citygate community:


General Community Groups


Specific Community Groups