Jevine Evans
Father's Heart Conference Testimony

Sorry, you'll have to bear with me, I'm really nervous and had to ask God to help me to step out into faith today, just to share about the Father's Heart conference yesterday.

I really thought I knew what it was to be a child of God, I knew God was in my life and I knew that he cared and he loved me, but it was only when I went to the Father's Heart conference that he really showed me what it is to be a child of his.

He has made me spotless in his sight - it's why I'm so white today - and I was striving for his love and striving for his approval and especially when I sinned - it broke my heart.

And the fact that the enemy will tell you that you cannot go back to God, he will not forgive you and he will not do anything for you - God showed me that was all lies.

And what I would try to do was clean myself up before I went to Christ. No! Go to Christ, and he will do it for you!

Kate Hudson-Cook
Healing in ASDA

Last year and a half God's been doing quite a work in my life. It's been quite a hard year, but an incredible year as well and He's just been showing me His healing heart which I think I've had quite a lot of trouble knowing His love because I've had chronic illness for a long time, but He's just been stripping back the wallpaper in my life quite radically and showing me His heart for people in bondage and pain.

And I've been stepping out more and more, it's really nerve racking stepping out with friends and family and other people and some patients in my husband's clinic and I've just got more and more a burning desire to go out to people I don't know.

Over the weekend I just said, "I've got to go, I've got to go, right I'm going to Asda" and "You've just got to show me someone who is obviously in pain, I don't want a headache Lord, I want something I can see." So I felt like a stalker!

I went into Asda, I was looking around the aisles, looking for someone in a wheelchair or something and I saw a lady on a crutch walking really badly, and I was thinking: "Oh no I can't, I can't," it was a real fight.

So I plucked up the courage when she was down a quiet aisle to say, "I see that you're in some difficulty and some pain. Would you like me to pray for you?" and she went, "Oh, er, no thank you." And I thought, "Oh no!" And I thought Lord she's the only one I can see in trouble, it's got to be her and then I went to the checkout and her mum came behind me and said, "Thanks for that, my daughter isn't a believer but she's in a lot of pain" and on the way out as I passed her at another checkout I caught her eye and said, "Are you sure?" and she said, "Oh go on then."

So I just took her to the side and asked about the problem and she said it was, I can't remember the name . . . a bulge or something and she'd had major surgery and she was in an awful lot of pain. So I just said, "Can I pray for you?" I just put my hand there, a really quick prayer, "In the name of Jesus I command this pain to go". And I said, "Can you move it?" And she went, "It's gone, I feel fine". And I said, "On a scale of 1-10 what is it now?" And she said, "1". So I went, "Right, God doesn't want 1, He wants 0," so I went again and it completely went.

She didn't need her crutch, she walked up and down, she didn't need her crutch and I just said, "You know this is Jesus", I was able to explain a bit about Jesus and then she said, "What church do you go to?" so I was able to explain, it's Citygate and it was such an open way of someone seeing the healing hand of God but just them knowing that Jesus did it and that it's not OK for these ill people in our streets to be ill, it's not what He wants, He wants to bring freedom to people, He doesn't want people in bondage and it's not OK. And I just wanted to share that with you, it's just so amazing.

Bekki Woods
March 2016 Baptism Testimony

You'll have to excuse me but I'm a little bit nervous. I'm not very good at talking into microphones. But I became a Christian when I was 10, led to Jesus by my father on a very memorable evening in 1995.

But then life got in the way, unfortunately, and I had a few issues in my teens and twenties which led me to think that I also knew best and I was going to go my own way.

And then, in the last couple of years, things started to change - it was always an undercurrent but it started to bubble up a lot more and I really started to think about what was really important in life.

Then one and a half years ago I met a lovely lady at a gig that we were both playing at and she introduced me to Citygate Church and it was the best decision that I ever made in my entire life.

I've met some wonderful people and I've been brought right back into the faith and I am so happy that I made that choice and that I can tell you all about it. And I think that's all I'm going to say, but thank you.

Glenn Miller
March 2016 Baptism Testimony

Just to clarify that I'm not the only creative person in this building, how many people out there have actually thought, "I'll write my life story, I'll write my own book?" Another crazy person, a few more, marvellous, excellent. And this book that I was going to write, maybe will write, is called "Glenn Knows Best" - you as well eh! And before doing the Alpha course and knowing Jesus, Glenn always knew best.

Glenn from a very early age decided that picking up a bottle to ease his pain would be the best thing to do and Glenn thought that vodka at 6:00 in the morning that put him into hospital only to be told that he either wouldn't make it through the operation or he'd spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, Glenn knew best.

When Glenn got into a car with a dislocated kneecap and alcohol and thought, "I know, Glenn knows best - let's drive to the hospital". All the time I wasn't listening to what was being said. But the reason why I am stood on these two feet today is because when I crashed that car (thank God for air bags - but they didn't work): head went out the side window instead.

But who saved me - God.

When I fell and had bleeding on the brain and had to go through an operation and was told that I would either not make it or I would spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair, surgeons do a great job but it's only through the grace of God that I am standing on two feet today.

It took me a long time to accept that and now I realise, now I can see it and it was on the Alpha course and thanks to Ben, he said, "Are you ready?" and for once Glenn knew best and he said, "I am, I am."

And do you know what folks, every one of you in here knows best, because if you didn't you wouldn't be in this room worshipping Jesus today on this amazing, wonderful day; that He died for us and that it's guaranteed we can live forever in eternity with Him sinless and free.

One day who knows maybe I'll write a book, I doubt it. But thank you very, very much. God bless you all.

John Pineda
March 2016 Baptism Testimony

Hi guys, I'm John. I've grown up being raised by Christian parents. I first went to Victory Church in the Philippines and when I went to the UK my family have been going to Citygate Church since I was 8 years old, so almost a decade and a half my life.

The leaders, Youth and the rest of the community here in Citygate have helped my faith grow stronger in God and I want to continue to deepen my relationship further in Him. I knew this was possible by getting baptised but thinking I wasn't quite ready because of the mistakes I've made in life stopped me from going through baptism.

Although through the encouragement of the church, friends and family I wanted to take this step of obedience and continue to walk my spiritual life following in God's steps so that I am able to entrust my whole life in God's hands knowing that I am forgiven, knowing my mistakes don't matter anymore and He's already done everything for me.

All I need to do is one little bit of obedience and recognise that He is my Saviour and that He has already done these things and well, yes I can place my confidence in Him knowing everything is going to be OK.

As a last thing I just want to share this, especially with the Youth, from 1 Timothy 4v12, "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity."

Nicolae Zoltan
March 2016 Baptism Testimony

Hello everybody. First of all I'm from Romania so my English is not so good. I come here with hopes, to find a job, to work for my family. Somebody told me about this church. I was homeless for almost one month. I come here to Citygate, a lot of great people helped me.

They helped me go through all the pain I have and I say "Yes" to Jesus. Recently I get a new job. The boss he was for a - car wash, not a great job, but it's a job - the boss there, I told him that I have to be here Sunday, he made me choose between being at work or being here.

So yesterday I go to him and just tell him, I need to be [at church], I need to get baptised, I need to be with Jesus, so if you want me to work for you anymore you have to let me come here. Surprisingly he says, "I like very much how you work, I know I'm paying you £35 per day, I'm going to pay you £40 per day and yes, you can go."

So, here I am today getting baptised, it's a very exciting day, so thank you everybody, thank you for the help you have given to me and first of all, thank you Jesus.

Rosie Millard
March 2016 Baptism Testimony

That's a lot of people to look at! Good morning. So, you'll read my little story in the booklet anyway, but basically before Jesus, or knowing Jesus, I was fine as far as I was concerned, I was fine.

I was brought up in a Catholic household and I knew God and I knew Jesus and I knew about Him rather than actually knowing Him.

So, I knew everything about Him but He was at a distance and that was fine, and it was great. And things carried on and at 29 our dad died and I went off travelling for a year which had been planned for some time and it was a huge decision to make but we chose to do it.

I went with Andy who's my now husband and so we went travelling and actually on reflection now that was when God was doing His stuff - and I didn't know that but He was really working on me.

We went to a church out in Australia called Hillsong - the only thing I really remember from it was a teacher said, "It's only when the sky is really black that the stars are at their brightest" and that's when Jesus shines through.

I was feeling really dark and He was clearly doing His thing, so we came home for a short period and I ended up going to an evangelical church with my mum in Bradford and I had my eyes closed at the end and it felt like the guy who was speaking was pointing specifically at me - the whole time I was like, "Go away, go away, you're not talking to me, you're not talking to me, no, no" and before I knew it my hand was up.

I think that was the start of it all. We got married, we moved to Bournemouth, and we had Archie and we managed to buy a house, which we shouldn't have been able to buy but it was made available to us round the corner from a church which helped us grow. We met a curate who was placed there at the time we pretty much started there.

We went through Alpha and since then we've just grown and grown and it was probably, to get me here to this stage. For about a year and a half I've had this word, "Obedient" and it's been that whole thing of, "It's not me, it's not me" and it's actually speaking it out, it's addressing the fear of what might happen if I say "Yes" and it's looking at the worldly consequences of what might happen if you say "yes," but if you do say "yes," it is so much better.

I lean on God so much. We have 3 children and it's so much easier with God to be a mum and I find myself . . . "Aghhhh!" . . . and I'll step away and I'll just say, "Oh Lord, just help me out" and He'll step in and "OK, how we doing" and it's such a difference.

So yes this is that step of obedience really and I'm very excited.